July 02, 2009


I took Lissy to Hear And Say for her regular MAP and assessment just recently and I also aimed to discuss the pouches with the Audiologists.
Since they learned of Lissys new way of wearing the processor I had received mixed feelings and comments about the idea. They were unsure if it was a good idea to place the BTE elsewhere.
I can understand their apprehension. As audiologists, logic tells them that the BTE is designed to be worn behind the ear, otherwise it would be called an OTS-on the shoulder.

So this trip was my chance to convince them why we are doing this and show them how they look and work.
Emma, the centres clinical director, was the first to see the pouches and the processor sitting on Lissys shoulder. She liked the pouches and said the most important thing is that Lissy is receiving hearing. If wearing it in a pouch is working then go for it, as long as the microphone is not covered and the processor is sitting as high up on the shoulder to receive optimum sound through the mic.
The audiologists were given one of each bodyworn and shoulder worn pouch to display or show to those who are interested in purchasing them.
Although they are supporting me with this decision, they still believe that this is not a solution for everybody. It is an option.

Lissy has a very active lifestyle and this works in keeping the coil where it belongs. It is also a great option for little children with soft ears where the processor won't stay, and for anyone else who would like to give it a go or thinks it may be of benifit to them or their child.

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  1. That's great! We're discussing this option with William's AUD. She's ordering some long cables for us. His ears are so sensitive, they get red spots and bruises on them where the processor hangs with the slightest touch.