June 30, 2009

Idea by Cloggy...

With the pouches on the shoulders, it can be awkward when the straps are thin.
The red elastic band with two clips on the end is actually used to clip winter-gloves on the manchettes of coats... But this is much more practical.
Here I used the safety-pin to put it on the elastic band and the straps... but since then I sewed pouches all the way at the end.. no more safetypins..
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  1. Bad location for the microphones on the processors to be worn on the back -- It cuts off components of speech delivered to Alyssa above about 500 Hz.

    No different tham putting the old style body-worn hearing aids on the back than the front.

  2. Umm... if their hearing is getting good everyday then there's nothing wrong with having them on their back and they are happy well adjusted children. I am an adult I sometime wear one on my back too and there isn't much difference than they were on my ear. When I was small child I had hearing aid boxes on my back aswell.
    Cochlear has body worn/baby worn put on their backs in the advertising.... how can that be bad.
    AB is same with bodyworn.

  3. Discpad...
    Do you have some more info about that 500hz claim..??

  4. I would also be interested in more information about the 500 Hz claim. We have had some trouble with William's processors falling off, too, but we were told that he would receive better sound if we left the processors on his ears. I looked back on your February post and found all of this information very interesting.

  5. Discpad,
    Alyssa(not in the above picture) has has tremendous speech improvement with the processor pouch. We often do the Ling sounds with her and other random words from the correct distance and she hears all these sounds easily. I can call her from a distance and she responds. I always give her the option of ear or shoulder in the morning, and she chooses shoulder. Unlike another child I know, Lissy has spent most of her life with the CI on the ear and If there was a problem with her hearing from the shoulder or if she complained about it then i would know and reconsider the shoulder pouch. But she has NEVER complained of being unable to hear from her shoulder. Any time (since she has become older)her CI is not working or sounds funny she tells me. I can't explain it better than that.

  6. I wear it on shoulder too almost every day except from when I'm wearing strappy tops, which is rare.Suggestion for elastic is good , but a bit awkward.doesn't she feels that thing Cloggy?

    I never notice any hearing loss on shoulder , the only thing I seem to lose is directionality , and I've re trained myself to turn shoulder to locate sound.

    It sounds the same.

  7. In the picture directly above, the microphone is in the back, not on the shoulder.

    On the shoulder with the microphone pointing approximately forward will work.

    In the back, however, the mic is shielded by the body for sounds coming from the front. low frequency sounds (below about 500 Hz) coming from the front will still be picked up due to diffraction.

    Dan Schwartz
    The Telegraph (UK) Hearing Blog