May 08, 2009

Losing Lissys CI in Gymnastics

CI Trouble In Gymnastics 
Here Alyssa is doing her bars training at Gymnastics, I hadn't realised that it was going to be sideways. It was recorded at last minute and with my phone, so the quality is not the best. But what to watch for....When  Lissy does her pull over her coach is reaching to pick ou her processor from the floor. It had, as it always does while doing this, flown off.  But unfortunatly she can not wear her pouch during gymnastics. If it is sitting on the back of the shoulder while she does rolls and tumbling it can be broken. so not much can be done about it. We usually put a headband around her head which will help it stay on. But the headband slides back of her head, so that solution only works if I can keep the band on her head and it creates double worry, how to keep the headband from sliding back and how to keep the processor on the ear. Frustration overload. 

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