May 08, 2009

Running Free
This is Alyssas first year doing athletics while wearing the Processor pouch. Every year there were disruptions in her races caused by the processor flying off her ear while competing in the sprints. This is the 200m sprint ( although the neswspaper got it wrong), which Alyssa had come 1st in. The last 200m run she did was last year and to watch her go from 1st to last because of a lost processor was frustrating for the both of us. Alyssa knows she can win and gets very upset when she loses the unit and the race. I was at the finish line waiting for her to cross it and saw one of the coaches running behind her. I thought it was funny and cute that she would go for a run with the kids. But it was not what it seemed. Lissys processor had fallen off after the race had started and, so Lissy could finish the run, she took the unit and ran with it to the finish so lissy could get it back at the end. No need say where she placed in that race or how she felt about it. Alyssa is a very competitive athlete and sports person. Her goal is always to win. I don't know if that is a healthy attitude or not,  but that is Alyssa. 

1 comment:

  1. Go Alyssa !!!

    Absolutely a great attitude...
    Annoying, frustrating, difficult to control, but a great characteristic for kids like Alyssa and Lotte...
    Small price to pay for a kid with goals and determination.. ;-)