May 17, 2009

Freedom Bodyworn Controller Pouch

Same style, but larger.

Alyssa has started wearing her Bodyworn controller with her Freedom again. Not often but it is just another option she has to choose, and she does switch between the three This comes in handy as she often damages the BTE controller. The last incident recently when it fell from a shelf unit and the display screen had cracked. So the bodyworn is useful when she is waiting for a replacement BTE controller. Although she still prefers the shoulder worn. This bodyworn prompted the idea of producing a pouch. It was not difficult. The pouch design is identical to the Processor pouch only in a larger size. It can also be made with the safety pin attached( picture right) or with the loop for the clip.  It fastens with velcro at the back. (see pictures below) This pouch will also be available in all the same colours and prints as with the processor pouches. 

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