April 17, 2009

Prices for the pouches

The price for a single pouch is AUD $10.00.

For each set of two pouches for bilaterals the
cost is 15.00.
For children using an FM attachment when required, a pouch with extra length can be ordered. (see right). These pouches have an extra cm added to fit a processor with the attached FM.
There is no extra cost for the FM receiver pouch.

April 06, 2009

Pouches on the hood

Just to show those interested..
Here, the pouches are clipped on the hood of the sweater..

They hang loose. Lotte has always worn them like that.

We have thought about how this would affect the sound, but Lotte does not seem to notice any sound (if there is any) from the CI bouncing and hitting her shoulder..

Like I mentioned before... Lotte has actually never worn the BTE's on the ears.... Always on the shoulders....

It really works...

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They work !!

We've been using the pouches now non-stop.
Bought some suspender-clips and attatched them to the pouches.. Just another way of attatching the pouch. Also used safetypins, which works as well.

Lotte is not too concerned with the way the pouch looks. And for good reason... she cannot see them.
But we do alternate between blue, purple etc.... depending on the clothes she wears..

..... thanks Kyley for these pouches..

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