February 07, 2009

School uniform Pouches.

When Alyssas teacher learned how she is wearing her speech processor she responded with some relief. Relief that she won't have to worry about keeping a close eye on Alyssa and losing the unit.
Now that Alyssa is in grade one there is less supervision of the children in the playground and the unit could quite possibly fall off in the sandpit below the climbing bars and get lost in the sand before Alyssa can get to it and retrieve it. When she was in prep school I would often find bits of sand in and around the coil and inside the snugfit earhook. Now we don't have this worry about. I have asked Alyssa on several afternoons how it went and did it fall off at all. She always responded with," No, not fall off. Good now". So I ask her, "Do you want to wear it on your ear tomorrow?" Her answer is always a scrunched up face followed by a big fat NO.

1 comment:

  1. Doesn't this pouch fit with a dress that Alyssa has..
    That's one of the great possibilities you can provide... MAke the pouches from the same material as a dress....