February 10, 2009

Pros and Cons


  1. The processor will not fall off, less risk of losing it.

  2. The pouch prevents it from getting broken or scratched.

  3. It's more comfortable, no bulky unit on little ears.

  4. Great for active sports where, at ear level, it is likely to fall off.

  5. Opportunity for better speech development from having more continuous wear without inturruptions of on/off hearing all day.

  6. Able to play more vigorous activities whilst wearing the pouch. EG playing on the trampoline.
  7. Great colours to suit any childs tastes. They can also be made to match outfits or regularly worn clothes.
  8. Your child will love them.


  1. For certain sports the processor will have to return to the ear. Eg gymnastics.
  2. The long cable could be a big investment.. But then, you might ask Lotte or Alyssa for a used one and try it out..

Quite obvious it is that I couldn't find much at all to put in the cons list. I only found this con out

when Alyssa had to go to gymnastics. Rolls and tumbling whilst the processor is on her shoulder and pressure on it may damage it.

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