February 07, 2009

A New Friend For Lissy

Just recently Alyssa was able to meet the little girl of the parents who had introduced us to the shoulder worn via webcam. The girls live on opposite sides of the world. Her name is Lotte and she is also six. It was wonderful to see that even with the language barrier they were able to connect with each other and show off their favourite toys and drawings. After making several pouches for Lotte I boxed them up and Alyssa mailed them all the way to Norway. Lotte has always worn the pouches(bags) and her father suggested we try it after hearing about our disastrous journey with lost or damaged units. As I didn't have a pouch pattern available I had to design one myself. I sent completed pouches to Lotte to get feedback from her and her parents. Whether good or bad feedback, I have to know if improvments were needed. I see Lottes parents as the best people to recieve this feedback and advice from. After all it was their suggestion to give this a go.

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