February 07, 2009

Mothers Instinct

My daughter Alyssa was born pofoundly deaf in September 2002. I had suspected she couldn't hear at about six weeks of age. Her hearing wasn't tested until she was fourteen months old. When I shared my concerns with someone shortly after she was born I was given the old, "Dont worry, she is just a little baby" response. So for almost a year I tried to convince myself of that. But my 'mothers instincts' keep telling me differently. So Alyssa wasn't fitted with Hearing Aids till she was fifteen months old. That is a very long time, in a crucial time of her life, to have no hearing. My regret out of this is not that she is deaf but that I ignored my gut feeling. If I had followed those maternal Instincts Alyssa would have been fitted much earlier with Aids and recieve her Cochlear Implant earlier also. Nowdays if I am approached by a parent, concerned for their childs hearing, I tell them to follow their own instincts and not the advice of others.

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