January 02, 2010

July 02, 2009


I took Lissy to Hear And Say for her regular MAP and assessment just recently and I also aimed to discuss the pouches with the Audiologists.
Since they learned of Lissys new way of wearing the processor I had received mixed feelings and comments about the idea. They were unsure if it was a good idea to place the BTE elsewhere.
I can understand their apprehension. As audiologists, logic tells them that the BTE is designed to be worn behind the ear, otherwise it would be called an OTS-on the shoulder.

So this trip was my chance to convince them why we are doing this and show them how they look and work.
Emma, the centres clinical director, was the first to see the pouches and the processor sitting on Lissys shoulder. She liked the pouches and said the most important thing is that Lissy is receiving hearing. If wearing it in a pouch is working then go for it, as long as the microphone is not covered and the processor is sitting as high up on the shoulder to receive optimum sound through the mic.
The audiologists were given one of each bodyworn and shoulder worn pouch to display or show to those who are interested in purchasing them.
Although they are supporting me with this decision, they still believe that this is not a solution for everybody. It is an option.

Lissy has a very active lifestyle and this works in keeping the coil where it belongs. It is also a great option for little children with soft ears where the processor won't stay, and for anyone else who would like to give it a go or thinks it may be of benifit to them or their child.

July 01, 2009

Long Jump.

A year ago the norm for long jump was watching the CI fall into the sandpit. Or we have to remember to remove it before she jumped. But as the kids did three jumps in total, one at a time each, Lissy could go without her hearing for at least 20minutes when the event had ended. Having to keep putting it on and off after each jump was getting too much so she would just remove it till after the Long jump had ended. With the pouch she gets to hear what it sounds like with her shoes hitting the mat and jumping into the pit and It doesn't drop off.

June 30, 2009

Idea by Cloggy...

With the pouches on the shoulders, it can be awkward when the straps are thin.
The red elastic band with two clips on the end is actually used to clip winter-gloves on the manchettes of coats... But this is much more practical.
Here I used the safety-pin to put it on the elastic band and the straps... but since then I sewed pouches all the way at the end.. no more safetypins..
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May 23, 2009

Bodyworn Controller Pouch

AUD $15,00= per Bodyworn pouch.
Safetypin attatched.

blue/black shimmer

AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.

May 17, 2009

Freedom Bodyworn Controller Pouch

Same style, but larger.

Alyssa has started wearing her Bodyworn controller with her Freedom again. Not often but it is just another option she has to choose, and she does switch between the three This comes in handy as she often damages the BTE controller. The last incident recently when it fell from a shelf unit and the display screen had cracked. So the bodyworn is useful when she is waiting for a replacement BTE controller. Although she still prefers the shoulder worn. This bodyworn prompted the idea of producing a pouch. It was not difficult. The pouch design is identical to the Processor pouch only in a larger size. It can also be made with the safety pin attached( picture right) or with the loop for the clip.  It fastens with velcro at the back. (see pictures below) This pouch will also be available in all the same colours and prints as with the processor pouches. 

May 13, 2009

Bodyworn controller pouch

This is the front view of the new Freedom Bodyworn Controller Pouch. It is still in experimental stages but so far is looking good. My little guinea pig Lissy hasn't had any complaints about it yet. But I just have to adjust a few features to make it more comfortable for the unit. 

May 12, 2009

This is the back view of the pouch. The only main adjustment that has to be made is the flap will have to be longer so it can reach the velcro on the back. This one was just a bit short but is still quite a good first try. 

May 08, 2009

Losing Lissys CI in Gymnastics

CI Trouble In Gymnastics 
Here Alyssa is doing her bars training at Gymnastics, I hadn't realised that it was going to be sideways. It was recorded at last minute and with my phone, so the quality is not the best. But what to watch for....When  Lissy does her pull over her coach is reaching to pick ou her processor from the floor. It had, as it always does while doing this, flown off.  But unfortunatly she can not wear her pouch during gymnastics. If it is sitting on the back of the shoulder while she does rolls and tumbling it can be broken. so not much can be done about it. We usually put a headband around her head which will help it stay on. But the headband slides back of her head, so that solution only works if I can keep the band on her head and it creates double worry, how to keep the headband from sliding back and how to keep the processor on the ear. Frustration overload. 

Soccer season

Soccer Season
 Soccer season is upon us, but ther is no worry about the processor falling off anymore. This is probably week 6 or so into the season and there had not been one time that the processor has fallen from her. One of the biggest  changes we have notices was how often the coil stays put.  When the processor is at ear level, and Lissy running about, it seems to pull on the coil causing it to come off her head. So she would have the unit on her ear with the cable dangling like a large earing.  this would happen just before the processor completely comes off. During soccer there is none of this worry.  She can concerntrate fully on her game without the constant job of fiddling with unit, and I dont have to worry about it falling and breaking. So everybody's happy.  
Running Free
This is Alyssas first year doing athletics while wearing the Processor pouch. Every year there were disruptions in her races caused by the processor flying off her ear while competing in the sprints. This is the 200m sprint ( although the neswspaper got it wrong), which Alyssa had come 1st in. The last 200m run she did was last year and to watch her go from 1st to last because of a lost processor was frustrating for the both of us. Alyssa knows she can win and gets very upset when she loses the unit and the race. I was at the finish line waiting for her to cross it and saw one of the coaches running behind her. I thought it was funny and cute that she would go for a run with the kids. But it was not what it seemed. Lissys processor had fallen off after the race had started and, so Lissy could finish the run, she took the unit and ran with it to the finish so lissy could get it back at the end. No need say where she placed in that race or how she felt about it. Alyssa is a very competitive athlete and sports person. Her goal is always to win. I don't know if that is a healthy attitude or not,  but that is Alyssa. 

May 05, 2009

Pouches with safety pin attached.

This is my new design pouch with the safety pin attached. It is just another option for anyone wishing to purchase this design rather than the pouch with the clip. Advantages to these pouches are they are handy for wearing with clothing where there is not a collar. Alyssa wears this option when she is wearing T-shirts and ballet leotards. The safety pin cannot be removed and the pouch sits with the flap facing outward, where with the clip designed pouches the flap would sit inward against the garment. 

May 04, 2009



This is Vivie Moraiti from Greece. She was sent these after expressing interest in trying out the pouches. Vivie has been very happy with them and says that her ear used to hurt from the processor. What I like about Vivies reports are that she is an adult and can give me fantastic and accurate feedback on the pouches. There was not a complaint about hearing less or worse with the processor on the shoulder. Although she did state that wearing a coat over the processor did create some rustling sounds that were a little distracting. Other than that she has been wearing the pouch since receiving them late in April.

April 17, 2009

Prices for the pouches

The price for a single pouch is AUD $10.00.

For each set of two pouches for bilaterals the
cost is 15.00.
For children using an FM attachment when required, a pouch with extra length can be ordered. (see right). These pouches have an extra cm added to fit a processor with the attached FM.
There is no extra cost for the FM receiver pouch.

April 06, 2009

Pouches on the hood

Just to show those interested..
Here, the pouches are clipped on the hood of the sweater..

They hang loose. Lotte has always worn them like that.

We have thought about how this would affect the sound, but Lotte does not seem to notice any sound (if there is any) from the CI bouncing and hitting her shoulder..

Like I mentioned before... Lotte has actually never worn the BTE's on the ears.... Always on the shoulders....

It really works...

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They work !!

We've been using the pouches now non-stop.
Bought some suspender-clips and attatched them to the pouches.. Just another way of attatching the pouch. Also used safetypins, which works as well.

Lotte is not too concerned with the way the pouch looks. And for good reason... she cannot see them.
But we do alternate between blue, purple etc.... depending on the clothes she wears..

..... thanks Kyley for these pouches..

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February 19, 2009

Yellow Polka Dot

AUD $ 6,50= per pouch.
Clip or safetypin attatched.
Look at all pouches for sale.

February 18, 2009

Purple Flowers

AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.

February 17, 2009

Yellow Swirls

AUD $10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.

February 16, 2009

Fairy Floss

AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.

February 15, 2009

Blue Flower

AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.
Look at all pouches for sale.


AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.
Look at all pouches for sale.

Blue Zigzag

AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.
Look at all pouches for sale.

Blue with flower

AUD $ 10,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.
Look at all pouches for sale.
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AUD $ 10.,00= per pouch.
$15.00 per set of two.
Clip or safetypin attatched.

Look at all pouches for sale.
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February 14, 2009

February 10, 2009

Pros and Cons


  1. The processor will not fall off, less risk of losing it.

  2. The pouch prevents it from getting broken or scratched.

  3. It's more comfortable, no bulky unit on little ears.

  4. Great for active sports where, at ear level, it is likely to fall off.

  5. Opportunity for better speech development from having more continuous wear without inturruptions of on/off hearing all day.

  6. Able to play more vigorous activities whilst wearing the pouch. EG playing on the trampoline.
  7. Great colours to suit any childs tastes. They can also be made to match outfits or regularly worn clothes.
  8. Your child will love them.


  1. For certain sports the processor will have to return to the ear. Eg gymnastics.
  2. The long cable could be a big investment.. But then, you might ask Lotte or Alyssa for a used one and try it out..

Quite obvious it is that I couldn't find much at all to put in the cons list. I only found this con out

when Alyssa had to go to gymnastics. Rolls and tumbling whilst the processor is on her shoulder and pressure on it may damage it.

February 07, 2009

Mothers Instinct

My daughter Alyssa was born pofoundly deaf in September 2002. I had suspected she couldn't hear at about six weeks of age. Her hearing wasn't tested until she was fourteen months old. When I shared my concerns with someone shortly after she was born I was given the old, "Dont worry, she is just a little baby" response. So for almost a year I tried to convince myself of that. But my 'mothers instincts' keep telling me differently. So Alyssa wasn't fitted with Hearing Aids till she was fifteen months old. That is a very long time, in a crucial time of her life, to have no hearing. My regret out of this is not that she is deaf but that I ignored my gut feeling. If I had followed those maternal Instincts Alyssa would have been fitted much earlier with Aids and recieve her Cochlear Implant earlier also. Nowdays if I am approached by a parent, concerned for their childs hearing, I tell them to follow their own instincts and not the advice of others.

Uniform Pouches

With a little Imagination, the pouches can be made to match any regularly worn outfit. This is a pouch I designed especially for Alyssa to wear with her school uniform.

School uniform Pouches.

When Alyssas teacher learned how she is wearing her speech processor she responded with some relief. Relief that she won't have to worry about keeping a close eye on Alyssa and losing the unit.
Now that Alyssa is in grade one there is less supervision of the children in the playground and the unit could quite possibly fall off in the sandpit below the climbing bars and get lost in the sand before Alyssa can get to it and retrieve it. When she was in prep school I would often find bits of sand in and around the coil and inside the snugfit earhook. Now we don't have this worry about. I have asked Alyssa on several afternoons how it went and did it fall off at all. She always responded with," No, not fall off. Good now". So I ask her, "Do you want to wear it on your ear tomorrow?" Her answer is always a scrunched up face followed by a big fat NO.

Pouch Clip

Clip on to a collar
This is a handy way to attach the
pouch to a shirt collar.
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Open Your Mind

I was a little skeptical about the shoulder worn approach when it was first suggested to me. Not because I thought it was a silly idea, but because Alyssa has never worn it anywhere else but on her ear. I had recieved negative resopnses from the hearing centre Alyssa attends. When I told them I wanted to try this, with apprehension, they sent out the 28cm cable required to apply this approach. While waiting for the cable to arrive, with an open mind, I began my mission to design the pouches. My feelings were mixed with excitement and uncertainty,not knowing if it was going to work well for Alyssa or if she would like wearing the processor elsewhere.

This is why !!

Alyssa has been wearing her Freedom speech processor on her shoulder now since January. Since this change we have seen a number of positive improvements with her and the processor. The most important and most drastic change is with Alyssas speech.
In only a month she has begun to develop her sentences all by herself, without prompting and pushing from me. The processor is always with her. It never falls off and if the coil comes off it doesn't go far and Alyssa will just pop it back on. When the processor was on her ear it would continuously fall off. Not just the coil but the whole unit. Because of this I would find Alyssa playing without her 'ear' on. This was so frequent that I believe it could be a contributing factor in Alyssas delayed speech development.
Alyssa has small soft ears and her processor doesn't seem to want to stay there. Even her hearing aid has to be taped back so it isn't flapping around. When she is running about or playing rough and her processor comes off, she doesn't bother picking it up and putting it back.
There are too many other fun things keeping her occupied that she forgets about it. Hearing or not. She loves jumping on the tramopline but could never wear her processor, for obvious reasons. Now it stays put even while on the tramp. In the pouch the processor is well protected and won't get scratched or damaged. It won't fall off, thus removing the worry of losing or breaking the unit.
In the two years Alyssa has had the freedom she has had to have it repaired or replaced numerous times, most recently at christmas time. Alyssa has gone through three new processors and several repairs of damaged units. Using the shoulder worn approach is going to diminish, if not eliminate, this disaster. The only regret that subsides in me now is that we didn't know about this earlier. Since hearing of the profound improvements, Alyssas therapist is very happy for her and that we have found a solution that works for us. We are now able to recieve the 28cm cables without being questioned about wanting such a long cable.

What You Need

So what is required for the processor pouch?
A long transmitting cable.
A speech processor.
A CI processor pouch.
clips. Safety pin.
That is all. The most important piece to aquire is the cable. obviously because there is not enough length in the shorter ones. I use the 28cm cables for Alyssa. It is always a good idea to try to always have a spare cable put away.

A New Friend For Lissy

Just recently Alyssa was able to meet the little girl of the parents who had introduced us to the shoulder worn via webcam. The girls live on opposite sides of the world. Her name is Lotte and she is also six. It was wonderful to see that even with the language barrier they were able to connect with each other and show off their favourite toys and drawings. After making several pouches for Lotte I boxed them up and Alyssa mailed them all the way to Norway. Lotte has always worn the pouches(bags) and her father suggested we try it after hearing about our disastrous journey with lost or damaged units. As I didn't have a pouch pattern available I had to design one myself. I sent completed pouches to Lotte to get feedback from her and her parents. Whether good or bad feedback, I have to know if improvments were needed. I see Lottes parents as the best people to recieve this feedback and advice from. After all it was their suggestion to give this a go.

February 06, 2009

This is the first completed pouch. At this stage there were still improvements being made to it. This is one of the longer CI pouches. It is designed to accommodate the Processor with an attached FM.
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Pouches for Lotte

December 31, 2008

New pouch for Lotte.

This is the pouch I got from Kyley for Lotte. And with the clip attached this way, it is ideal to use it on the nice dresses. And when there's a collar available. Until now, we have used safetypins, sewn onto the pouches we had ourself... This pouch is not only designed beautifully, it's very practical as well. Cloggy